The EcoLift system although powered by electricity also intergrates solar and wind power. Having new inovative ways in bringing your energy assets to the market place increases your profit margin while preserving your land value in an eco aware environment.

The average depth of our wells is 200 to 500 feet. We bring the cost of drilling down from hundreds of thousands of dollars to between fifteen thousand to seventy-five thousand dollars to drill a well from 200 feet to 1,000 feet.

Unique Place in time. Oro's Management Team is Actively Preparing for Starting Production In Kansas, with with future sites planned in Texas and California.

Oro Energy Corp

Oro Energy Corp is a company whose main focus is to identify, locate, and acquire productive and producing oil and gas properties as well as seeking JV partners who have similar properties that Oro Energy can work with to economically develop.

EcoLift System dramatically improves shallow oil production economics while eliminating leaks and spills common to tradition oil production. Learn more about this technology here.

We are Golden

Headquartered in Houston, TX, Oro Energy Corp Energy was formed in 2013 by very experienced and successful individuals who have established its position as an industry leader in both conventional and unconventional resource plays. Oro Energy Corp executive leadership and operations team brings a proven track record and singular focus on creating value for their shareholders with over 125 years combined experience, this tenured group possesses the unique ability to quickly ramp up development. Their collective knowledge base, utilization of advanced technologies and forward thinking has helped them offer various oil and gas opportunities to qualified individuals. The company is steadfast in its commitment to the continued development of its existing oil and gas reserves while remaining opportunistic and focused on maximizing shareholder value. In addition to furthering the organic development of its California, Kansas and Texas assets, Oro looks towards future endeavors through which it can diversify and build upon its current portfolio by seeking out and acquiring conventional and unconventional assets.